domingo, agosto 06, 2006

Desmistificando sofismas progressistas

Encontrei este magnífico artigo intitulado "The Seat of Heresy… Pittsburgh???", cuja leitura recomendo vivamente, no blogue "Shouts in the Piazza", de um sacerdote católico de tendência tradicional (o que até se depreende pelo simples facto de possuir um brasão de armas eclesiástico), ainda que nenhuma relação tenha com a Fraternidade de São Pio X, e a minha vontade era transcrever tal artigo na íntegra, já que nele se derruba bom número de sofismas dos pseudo-católicos progressistas, os quais supõem com grave erro poder ser a Igreja governada a toque de sondagens sectárias publicadas nos meios de propaganda política anticristã comummente denominados de órgãos de comunicação social de referência. Aqui fica um trecho especialmente saboroso do artigo em causa:

"A majority of Catholic respondents to an Associated Press- Ipsos poll taken just after the death of Pope John Paul II last year said they favored ordination of women."

So? If you polled some Catholics they'd tell you that we should use beer and pretzels at Eucharist, or that we should never have to go to Confession or that attendance at mass is optional or that (as one recent NY Times-CBS poll found out) three quarters of American Catholics think that Holy Communion is just a "symbolic representation" of Jesus at mass but not His real presence. So, since three quarters of Catholics polled by the NY Times responded with a complete lack of understanding about the central mystery of our faith I think we can draw some conclusions. The first is that polling information can be manipulated any way you'd like. Ask any politician about that. Polling utilizes only samples and then extrapolates from that. In other words polls don't prove anything conclusively. The second thing is that the information gathered shows how ignorant of what their own Church teaches and believes many people really are. If you are so opposed to the idea of an all-males priesthood in the Catholic Church then DON'T BE A ROMAN CATHOLIC ANYMORE!

The other point that the U.S. media glosses over all the time is that you can take as many polls as you want but that really doesn't mean much because the Church is not a democracy. Authority in the Church does not derive from the people. Those sitting in the pews are not the constituents of those in leadership...they are their flock. The sheep don't tell the shepherd where to lead the flock. Rather, they follow him. So, take polls until the cows come home but it won't make a bit of difference in what is true and what isn't.

Here's another interesting part of the article:

"We need to claim for women their equal right with men to be ordained. And we need to do this 'contra legem,' to break an unjust law and yet to remain firmly within the church," Patricia Fresen said last year at a Philadelphia conference on women in the church."

This woman needs not only a copy of the Catechism in which she will discover that breaking some of the laws of the Church automatically places you outside of it. She also needs to re-read the Letter to the Hebrews in which she will be reminded that "no one may take this office upon themselves". Too bad their lust for power has blinded these women to things like charity, service and know, the building blocks of good ministry in the Church?


It's amazing how on one end of Pennsylvania there exists a bastion of traditional and conservative Catholicism and on the other side of the same state this lunacy is taking place. If women in the world desire to exercise a ministry like Roman Catholic priests then they can happily find a home ministering in the Episcopal Church. Heck, they can even become bishops there! So if that's what they feel called to then go. Please by all means GO!


P.S. Para os leitores que não saibam, a Irmã Chittister acima caricaturizada é uma religiosa beneditina progressista radical, de nacionalidade norte-americana, que continua a defender da ordenação sacerdotal de mulheres, apesar de tal hipótese haver sido definitiva e irreversivelmente afastada pelo Papa João Paulo II, na "Ordinatio Sacerdotalis".

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