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Desfaciendo entuertos

Nos recomendaba JSarto anteriormente un artículo sacado de un blog norteamericano. Como suele ser el caso hay distorsiones sobre la percepción católica de España y ciertos aspectos históricos.

No me resistí a apostillar ciertos aspectos que allí se señalaban. Me permito copiar ahora en A Casa de Sarto la respuesta que añadí en los comentarios a dicha entrada. Sucinta, necesariamente, pero queriendo ver la historia contemporánea de España a la luz de la Fe. Para un católico no hay otra manera.

If I can add a few things from Spain and, even more so, from a Catholic perspective:

1. The malaise of Spain started with the Vatican II. Spain is a country that has been shaped historically by the unity of religion (589 with King Recaredo), the affirmation of Christianity vs Islam (Reconquest) and the Evangelization of America. When the Church Officer's, after the Vatican II, refused to accept the existence of Catholic states (such as Spain, Portugal, Colombia or Italy amongst others), Spain had to suffer. The mission and essence of Spain is primarily Catholic.

2. Spain's illness had been incubated before by the technocracy, sadly brought by the Opus Dei people, who neutralized all Catholicism in Spain and all the political message of Franco.

3. Franco is a historical figure standing by himself. Whether we like it or not, he has been the best political leader of Spain of the last 300 years. The reconstruction of Spain, both morally and economically, and the achievement of a far more just distribution of richness that happened under him cannot be underestimated.

4. Franco´s obedience to the Church was absolute. Unfortunately he accepted (allegedly in a forced way, because of pressures by Pope Paul VI) the freedom of religion. Please, let me add that Catholic (and therefore Spanish) traditional doctrine was tolerance of religion but not freedom of religion.

5. Franco's figure is now appearing in a true light thanks to the efforts of authors like Pío Moa (a former comunist) or Professor Luis Suárez (a Jew whose family converted to Catholicism). Even Stanley Payne, a leftist, vindicates Franco’s figure nowadays. These authors are far better than feeble Paul Preston or Ian Gibson, for instance.

6. Zapatero is a mason, as experts like César Vidal (a protestant) or Ricardo de la Cierva have stated. Hence, and in reason of his obedience to this secret society, his long-term plans are deeply anti-Catholic.

7. The Spanish Bishops are to be blamed a lot. We suffered horrible Nuncios under Paul VI and John Paul II, and horrible Cardinals, such as Tarancón. The Bishops of Spain have much more authority than they seem to believe. Suffice is to say that the mild support of the Bishops here led to 1.5 million people in the streets of Madrid to reclaim Catholic education in Spanish schools.

8. The nationalists are also declared enemies of the Catholic Church. Batasuna, ETA's political arm, wants to create an independent marxist-leninist republic in the Basque region and we are still ashamed of Pasqual Maragall and Carod-Rovira (socialist and independentist from Catalonnia respectively) public blasphemy when they mocked Our Lord's Crown in public to unbelievable extremes. It is therefore logical that enemies of the Church, such as socialists and nationalists, gather together.

9. The so-called right-centre party, Partido Popular (PP), is not any better. While they were in power they did nothing to decrease abortion. Rather the contrary: abortion increased with them. The Social Doctrine of the Church was totally rejected by the PP. The Major of Madrid, Alberto Gallardón, a qualified PP leader, subsidizes with public money homosexual festivals and meetings to support sodomy.

10. Please, do not be obsessed by the media and superficial statements. When you live and talk with people in Spain, they are starting to remember Franco’s times as better than the current ones. Last week I heard three different comments by three people who opposed Franco, one of them spending a few weeks in prison because of it. The three of them praised Franco.

11. The economical situation here is very bad. Housing prices have soared up so much they are simply unaffordable by most young people. There are no subsidies to families (I mean to heterosexual families). No benefits are given if you have a numerous family and you are of Spanish background (you get some if you are of Moorish descent or other qualified minorities). All these issues make very difficult for people to have children.

12. On the whole, and in spite of some problems with some people from Ecuador and some from Dominican descent who have been expelled from the USA in some occasions, the Spanish-American immigration is far better for Spain than Moroccan one for obvious reasons: same culture and same religion. And I agree with a previous comment: their Faith seems to be stronger than the native Spaniards.

13. A final note. Zapatero came to power against all odds. The trigger was not so much the mistake made by the previous Prime Minister, José María Aznar, to get into the unjust war in Irak, but the biggest terrorist hit in Spain: 200 dead people and over 1000 injured ones in the Atocha Madrid train station. It seems clear there was a plot behind it, as the investigations of Luis Pino have showed. France and Morocco, traditional enemies of Spain, wanted it and so Zapatero, very much under the French influence (does he belong the French Grand Orient Lodge?). ETA was definitely involved and the Al-Quaeda hypothesis appears to have no support. Moreover, the Spanish intelligence and Police were also involved. This is a very sordid issue and it has been declared officially they cannot reach the ultimate reasons explaining this terrorist massacre, according to Judge del Olmo, who instructs this case. For those of you who read Spanish I highly recommend this:

14. Spain heralded in 1936 a fight between the anti-God and God's people. It seems we follow the same route again. Spain will have to go through hell to purge many of the sins we have committed. At the end "Mary's land" will survive. After all it was the Sacred Heart who told Blessed Fr Bernardo Hoyos that He (the Sacred Heart) will reign in Spain and He will do it with more veneration than anywhere else.

Rafael Castela Santos

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