terça-feira, junho 21, 2011

Oración especial

Tengo la mayor de las simpatías por el Padre Vincent McNabb, un dominico de tomo y lomo que dio rigor y calado a las tesis distributistas de Chesterton y Belloc.
Un muy buen amigo, tan querido como añorado (¡quién le tuviera más cerca!), me envió esta bellísima oración del Padre McNabb que me llegó al alma y no puedo dejar de compartir con Vds., visitantes de A Casa de Sarto:

Lord Jesus Save Me!
The one whom Thou lovest is strayed.
I have lost Thee.
I cannot find Thee.
Find me.
Seek me.
I cannot find Thee.
I have lost my way.
Thou art the Way.
Find me, or I am utterly lost.
Thou lovest me.
I do not know if I love Thee;
but I know Thou lovest me.
I do not plead my love, but Thine.
I do not plead my strength, but Thine.
I do not plead my deed, but Thine.
The one whom Thou lovest is sick.
I dare not say:
The one who loves Thee is sick.
My sickness is that I do not love Thee.
That is the source of my sickness which is approaching death.
I am sinking.
Raise me.
Come to me upon the waters.
Lord Jesus, "the one whom Thou lovest is sick."

Prayer for the Canonization of Vincent McNabb
Lord, you gave us Your Servant Vincent McNabb as an example of service to the poor, homeless, and the unemployed and as a fearless fighter against modernism and the "Culture of Death". By Father McNabb's ardent concern for those in need, inflame our hearts and lives with compassion for the poor, justice for the oppressed, hope for the troubled, and courage to those in doubt. We pray that the the Church, which he so greatly loved and served, recognize his way to holiness and proclaim him a saint among the Saints in Heaven. Amen.


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