terça-feira, abril 13, 2010

Pelos seus frutos os conhecereis

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Ah, yes, the media have found their collective conscience. They’re shocked - shocked! - to discover a sexual abuse scandal in the Church that emerged more than eight years ago, and which they had already covered and forgotten only to realize- just a moment! - we can use this against Benedict. These are the same moral watchdogs that call us “haters” if we object to “reformed” sex offenders being relocated in our neighborhoods; who ignore the prevalence of sexual abuse in all areas of “enlightened” society today, and that, among clerical offenders, Catholic priests are least likely to offend. These guardians of the moral order accuse grandmothers of “hate speech” for objecting to Catholic adoption agencies placing Catholic children with homosexual couples; view condom distribution in grade schools as an issue of national security, and broadcast Lady Gaga videos night and day depicting borderline necrophilia, lesbianism and violence to children. And, above all, these are the same moral authorities who agitate for tax-funded abortion on demand.

Yes, these guys are shocked - shocked - that thirty years ago Archbishop Ratzinger didn't read the memo about a sexually abusive priest who was sent to “therapy.” They're all about the truth.... And if you buy that one I’ve got a bridge to sell.

“The Bad Shepherd” screamed the headline in the latest Newsweek, just above a picture of a “cold” and “aloof” Holy Father and a vicious concluding paragraph: “What’s needed, really, is a new vision for a church that is more human. Is Benedict the man to provide that? Alas, probably not.”

Get it? What’s needed is an even wider opening of Catholic windows to the modern world. What’s needed is less dogma and more Darwin to help the Church “evolve” into something that might actually benefit the common good someday.

From the New York Times to the London Times to the Sydney Herald, it’s open season on the Catholic Church. And even traditional Catholics - historic defenders of the papacy - find themselves between a rock and hard place. Clearly, a witch hunt is under way in which Pope Benedict is the target, but it’s not as if the disastrous policies of the last forty years aren’t responsible for all of this: the dismal formation of priests, watered down moral theology, the pooh-poohing of sin and hell, face-to-face confession (“let’s just chat”), relocating predator priests, encouraging homosexuality in the priesthood, and establishing an utterly emasculated liturgy. Faux media outrage aside, we know that the Church is reaping the whirlwind - exactly as traditional Catholics predicted she would forty years ago.

Our cause has never been about “liturgical preferences”, but rather the defense of the Church against the very policies of ecclesial auto-demolition that are now threatening to bring the Church to her knees and put Peter in chains.

Still, it must be said that Pope Benedict has done more than any other Pope since Vatican II (including John Paul ‘The Great’!) to actually address the madness running rampant since 1965.

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