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Aborto, imagens e palavras - 8

Igualmente a ler na mesma "New Oxford Review" este "Abortion and Muslim Terrorism", de Andy Nowicki, especialmente dedicado à direita catita, chique a valer, ataviada de paletó desportivo azul com botões dourados e gravata regimental, mestra em ratar nos canapés da embaixada dos Estados Unidos. Aqui deixo umas passagens, para aguçar a curiosidade (os destaques são meus):

Abortion is a perfect case in point. It is a viciously wicked, barbarically cruel, ghastly, inhuman, murderous practice. Yet it is deeply entrenched in our culture, its accessibility zealously protected and promoted by the principalities and powers of our age. In some ways, abortion may well be the defining issue of our day, the staple on which all of our post-sexual revolution living arrangements subsist. With contraceptive failure (or failure to use contraception) always a possibility, abortion is the failsafe. Without it, freedom to have sex wherever, whenever, and with whomever we want is severely compromised. Thus, the "unwanted" babies are considered "collateral damage" in the crusade for the maintenance of "reproductive freedom," much as similarly unwanted civilian casualties of U.S. military strikes in Iraq are callously considered "collateral damage" in the international crusade for "freedom."

But in comparing the evil of abortion to the evils inherent in modern warfare, one should only go so far. War is not an inherently wicked thing, replete as it is with massacres (including those, such as Hiroshima and Dresden, that were carried out by the "good guys"). Even just wars waged unjustly can be seen as bringing about positive ends; although during World War II many atrocities were committed by Allied forces, few would argue that the world wasn't a better place once rid of the Nazis and an imperialistic Japanese regime.

Abortion, by contrast, involves both an immoral means and an immoral end; the end is to get rid of an innocent life, and the means is murder. Moreover, abortion has claimed far more innocent lives than all of the wars of the 20th century put together. Abortion is a true holocaust, and it is an ongoing one, the more insidious because of its hidden nature; the slaughter continues unabated, taking place daily in perfectly innocuous-looking buildings, and we go about our everyday lives as if nothing out of the ordinary, much less monstrously evil, were happening in our midst.


It is hard for us to see abortion as the horrible, hard, brutal, revolting thing that it truly is. Though we may be against it, we don't want to see it as a blight, a holocaust, something whose continued practice is warping our national soul beyond repair. We would rather view it as representing a mere bump on the road, something that will be smoothed over eventually.

In the meantime, we reason, prolife or "pro-choice" -- well, we're all Americans, aren't we? In our post-9/11 ethos, the temptation is even greater to fall for the "come together" rhetoric favored by our current President. So many American conservatives are suckered by this appeal to make stopping al-Qaeda our highest priority and to put abortion on the proverbial backburner that they neglect to consider the hierarchy of relative evils involved in the two cases.
On any given day, abortionists kill a larger number of innocent civilians than any Muslim terrorist; more people are destroyed every day in the abortion business than were killed by bin Laden and his cohorts on 9/11, one single day. Abortion is far worse than Muslim terrorism for the sheer breadth and scope of the death and devastation it has wrought.


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