segunda-feira, março 27, 2006

A Fraternidade de São Pio X e Roma - 10

A ler, hoje:

- "The Traditionalist canonic package - Important", "Pre-consistory discussion on "the question of Abp. Lefebvre"", e "A man worthy of remembrance", todos do "Rorate Caeli";

- "On Rome and the SSPX", da autoria de Christopher Ferrara, publicado no "The Remant". Deste último artigo, destaco a seguinte passagem:

"If the situation of SSPX is not that of a formal schism, then a “deal” to regularize its situation could be effected by a simple Vatican declaration lifting the declared sentence of excommunication and leaving to further discussion the details of the canonical arrangement under which SSPX would operate with Vatican approval. Following the model of “ecumenical dialogue,” the palaver over those details could go on indefinitely. The important thing is to obtain the formal lifting of the disputed sentence of excommunication, which is only what SSPX itself has requested as precondition to further discussions.

Now if, in order to achieve this “deal,” Bishop Fellay would have to request that the sentence of excommunication be lifted (prescinding from the question whether there was an excommunication in fact), I can see no rational basis for counseling against such a move. Why not ask for a lifting of the sentence? Isn’t that what someone who considers himself to have been sentenced unjustly would be expected to do in any case? Would not such a request be the equivalent of a canonical appeal directly to the Pope followed by a sentence remitting any penalty for violation of c. 1382 while formally and officially recognizing the valid episcopal status of the SSPX bishops? How could the SSPX be anything but zealous for such an outcome if there are no strings attached to it?

If that is all there is to the “deal,” the quid given by the SSPX would be a trifle compared to the quo that the Pope would provide: the instant “rehabilitation” of the four bishops and with it a total vindication of SSPX’s opposition to the post-conciliar aggiornamento. What could the Novus Ordo establishment say about “extreme traditionalists” once the excommunication was lifted and it could no longer be denied by anyone that SSPX adherents are Catholics in good standing? How could the Novus Ordo establishment continue to purvey with any credibility its ever-more-decadent substitute for Roman Catholicism if the leading worldwide organization dedicated to “extreme traditionalism”—i.e., the unaltered faith of our fathers—could no longer be dismissed as a band of ecclesiastical outcasts? I cannot see how the lifting of the excommunication could be anything but a stunning victory for the entire cause of Tradition, if not in fact the beginning of a latter-day Cluniac movement that will eventually restore the Church, whether or not that is the Vatican’s intention".


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