sábado, junho 26, 2010

Roy Campbell

Roy Campbell. Poeta a redescobrir. Sul-africano anglófono. Zulu branco. Convertido ao Catolicismo. Participante na Cruzada Espanhola. Tradutor de Camões e Fernando Pessoa.

Christ in Uniform

Close at my side a girl and boy
Fell firing, in the doorway here,
Collapsing with a strangled cheer
As on the very couch of joy,
And onward through a wall of fire
A thousand others rolled the surge,
And where a dozen men expire
A hundred myrmidons emerge -
As if Christ, our Solar Sire,
Magnificient in their intent,
Returned the bloody way he went,
Of so much blood, of such desire,
And so much valour proudly spent,
To weld a single heart of fire.

Roy Campbell, in "Selected Poems - Edited and introduced by Joseph Pearce", London, The Saint Austin Press, 2001

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